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What we do

Jake Pearce is an independent freelance qualitative and semiotics practioner with over 20 years experience and uses innovative research to deliver brand strategy, innovation and brand development ..

Having recently returned to the UK, Jake is focussed on the UK and Australian markets and is collaborating with companies to support their qualitative offer.  He's run more than 500 focus groups for a variety of companies and scores of semiotic projects.

Jake studied Human Sciences at Oxford University, a blend of psychology and semiotics.  The premise is that if you have multiple lenses on a problem, you’ll see things that you can’t with just one lens. 

We provide better value for money by including semiotic analysis as a core part of our focus groups.  

Likewise, we offer semiotic analysis with the support of focus groups .

We believe the two methods should compliment each other but today you need to go further and look at futuresight, which is a blend of co-creation, empirical semiotics and digital analytics.

What does co-creation look like?  It looks like this.

What is Futuresight?

Markets are evolving so fast it’s useful to move beyond insight and foresight, to futuresight. 

Insight tells you why; foresight shows what’s next and why; while futuresight describes what’s next with empirical commercial evidence.  As Salim Ismail said in exponential change: 

"We’re now in a time where the speed of change itself is changing, so we need to adapt."

Unlike any other company we offer semiotics as standard for our qualitative research at no additional cost. These are the briefs we undertake:

  1. Category innovation to find new opportunities - what’s the next new thing?
  2. Fixing communication to find breakthrough solutions for brands - how do we make our campaigns last longer?
  3. Fixing or extending brands - our brand is out of sync with the market, what do we do?
  4. Creating new brands - we can see there’s an opportunity but how do we brand it?

No-solution guarantee

You won't find anyone else that will offer you a no-solution guarantee.

That means that if we don’t provide you with a solution that delivers a return on your investment, you’ll get your money back.

That's because we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients and in being responsible.

Most market research organisations will take money and claim excuses if they don’t deliver. 

Not us! 

We agree KPI's with you: and then deliver on them. 

Our unique approach

Insight to foresight to futuresight is a continuum, it’s like looking at black and white pictures, versus colour, versus video.  

Sometimes you only need to see in black and white: you need insight.

Sometimes you need to see in colour: that’s foresight.

Sometimes you need to see a moving future based scenario: that’sfuturesight.

We deliver RoI from market futuresight: that’s our passion.

That’s why our techniques blend the best of the past with the proven new.

Insight is about focus groups, depths and ethnography. 

Foresight is about co-creation and videography.

Futuresight is about an empirical investigation in both shifts in culture and what’s emerging commercially.

To achieve this we look at digital trends that are proven in culture in terms of search, visuals, searching the deep web for trends. (The deep web is the 90% that Google can’t see.)

So  the more thorough you need to be, the more depth we go into. 

See the range of tools that we can provide you with here.


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