Exciting times ahead

2016 was a  very busy year for me.  I spent it getting to understand what we need to know about Word of Mouth Marketing.  After all, we all know that it is the most effective method of generating demand for our products and services.

So what will be coming to this blog in the coming weeks are a series of blogs and vlogs that give you some cracking WoM case studies, and key insights into how you can begin to drive Word of Mouth for your organisation.

Bookmark this page as it's about to get busy!




Jake Pearce pioneered the personal semiotic method with CEO’s and celebreties – the output was to create their own personal style word and purpose word. The method scored 98% satsifaction with New York CEO’s.

The benefit of this to clients was

a) faster decision making

b) greater clarity on how they represent themselves on-line

c) keeping their life on track

‘It fast tracked 5 years of life learning for me, I realised why I’d been feeling tension between my personal life and work life, it got me back on track.’


Done with Whom?

1. Simon O'Shaughnessey - Serial Entrepreneur, (NZ/UK/AUS)

2. Colin Mathura - Jeffree - Celeb (NZ)

3. Scott Wright - Head of Enterprises, Lion, (NZ)

4. Dr Richard London - Multi Millionaire International Businessman, (USA)

5. Mark Taylor - Independent Businessman/Mentor, (USA)

6. Jonathan Russell - Ex CEO Saatchi & Saatchi, (NZ/China)

7. Debbie Mayo-Smith - Author & International Speaker, (NZ/USA/AUS)

8. Francis Walker - Australasian Cocktail Guru, (NZ)

9. Richard Stevens - Australasian MD (NZ/AUS)

10. Kelly Peyton - Writer & Author, (NZ/AUS)

11. Hugh Baker - Consultant/Financer/HSBC, (UK)