Jake Pearce pioneered the personal semiotic method with CEO’s and celebreties – the output was to create their own personal style word and purpose word. The method scored 98% satsifaction with New York CEO’s.

The benefit of this to clients was

a) faster decision making

b) greater clarity on how they represent themselves on-line

c) keeping their life on track

‘It fast tracked 5 years of life learning for me, I realised why I’d been feeling tension between my personal life and work life, it got me back on track.’


Done with Whom?

1. Simon O'Shaughnessey - Serial Entrepreneur, (NZ/UK/AUS)

2. Colin Mathura - Jeffree - Celeb (NZ)

3. Scott Wright - Head of Enterprises, Lion, (NZ)

4. Dr Richard London - Multi Millionaire International Businessman, (USA)

5. Mark Taylor - Independent Businessman/Mentor, (USA)

6. Jonathan Russell - Ex CEO Saatchi & Saatchi, (NZ/China)

7. Debbie Mayo-Smith - Author & International Speaker, (NZ/USA/AUS)

8. Francis Walker - Australasian Cocktail Guru, (NZ)

9. Richard Stevens - Australasian MD (NZ/AUS)

10. Kelly Peyton - Writer & Author, (NZ/AUS)

11. Hugh Baker - Consultant/Financer/HSBC, (UK)