Semiotics is the study of the meaning of signs and symbols in communication. Meanomathics [Mean-o- mathics] takes this one stage further - it uses semiotics to find hypotheses and then verifies them.


Meanomathics gives you the visual, verbal and sensory Mind grab of how people perceive a category. Imagine if you literally knew what people thought of when they thought ‘beer’, you could truly engage with your audience, you could resonate with them because you literally knew what they thought about your category. Most brands have to ‘be a beer but not be a beer…’ How do you find the perfect balance of visual, verbal codes to achieve this balance? At the moment it’s informed guesswork at best and that’s why marketing ROI is so hit and miss. Brand onions, wheels and templating tools are so open to interpretation, it’s dangerous.


Meanomathics is the tool which will enable you know the perfect balance point to ‘Stand In and Stand Out’ – how to be easily identifiable as a beer, yet memorable and different compared to the competition. It’s based on science and it will nail the balance point, allowing you to engineer communication precisely vs ‘shape it’, ‘sculpt it’ or ‘create it’.


What does this mean for you? Take a look at – it’s a dynamic system which captures the mood of the internet by taking all the tweets, blog entries, web entries on the internet which carry emotive words, this means you can literally see the mood of the internet by any city or geography in the world.


Now imagine you could do the same thing for your brand or your category? Imagine if you knew, for example, what people in Washington or London felt about the banking category as a whole and how your brand compared to this? Imagine if this was expressed as dynamic tag clouds, representative videos and live dynamic streaming videos as well as smells and moods associated with your brand.


This would mean you could literally ‘tap into brand consciousness’ for your brand because you really would understand what resonates.


Well you can, that’s what meanomathics delivers, the key question is why would you do this?