Marketing deserves to be the crown jewel of a business, not something which CEOs regard with at best suspicion and, at worst derision.


We now live in a world of digital marketing, where innovations such as ‘pay per click’ should allow for transparent ROI-driven marketing. The problem with the ‘old-style advertising’ could be summed up by this famous comment from a Chief Marketing Officer ‘CMO’ in the 1950’s, it’s still true today.


“Half of my advertising dollars are wasted, I just don’t know which ones”


New-style digital advertising is starting to suffer from the same problem; e.g. spending on ‘Facebook likes’ is viewed as a requirement but is hard to link to ROI.


The net result is that the majority of CEOs no longer trust marketing, because it is costing them money and their job is to to make money! Research by McKinsey demonstrates that global revenues are rising but marketing costs are rising even faster - in other words, marketing is becoming less efficient.


Meanomathics therefore offers predictability by taking the ‘soft’ areas of marketing – psychology, semiotics, symbolism..etc - and breaking them down into quantifiable ‘hard units’. These units can then be applied in various combinations, depending upon the customer and the market place, to achieve the optimal Return on Investment (ROI)


In practical terms, Meanomathics enables you to understand which advertising codes are ‘sacred’ (‘residual/dominant units’) for your category and which are ‘new and relevant’ (‘emergent units'). However, too many ‘sacred’ codes, and your brand will be perceived as stale and boring, too many ‘new and relevant’ codes, and your marketing will appear weird and unrecognisable. The skill is in balancing these codes to achieve ‘Stand In, Stand Out’ advertising.


Meanomathics guarantees you a rise in ROI of between 10-50% over your current communication. The forthcoming book – Breakthrough Communication ROI proves it.