Co-creation has become a buzz word in marketing and research.

The first myth is that

Research based ‘co-creation’ is focus groups with post-its. 

True co-creation is an on-going dialogue between an audience and a company.  There has to be structured creativity process.

The second myth is that

Consumers can’t be creative.

This simply isn’t true.  There are 250 multi-nationals who work with audiences on an-on-going basis.

What’s true is that no-one is as creative as they could be without a form of training. 

The myth


Co-creation based research has to have, as a basis, a stage where you train people in creativity techniques.

Co-creative research is best done with people who are evangelists of your category, people who really care.

You employ this type of research when you're looking for new answers that you know you would not come up with yourself: so being truly open is key.

It operates at it’s best when clients think of customers who are VIP’s, who will be trained in creativity, and then moved into an on-going platform for dialogue.

This is what true co-creation looks like. 

The truth


  1. First you have to train people in creative techniques, you have to make them feel part of the team and ‘give’ to ‘get’.
  2. Then you run the co-creation to get ideas and put them up on a platform
  3. Option – Get the market to vote on the co-created concepts, build on them and get winners. 

3 step Process