Our corporate experience of innovation is broad and deep, including producing an energy drink which outsells Coke in Oz-NZ, this is the only place in the world where Coke has faced this challenge.

We've worked on a range of digital start ups - from personal branding, to  a crowd funded luxury handbag, to the world's first on-line Word of Mouth marketing course. We've worked with individuals at just the idea phase, through to developing the brand so it's ready for launch, to second phase expansion using crowd funding. What we've found is it's very hard for start ups to get the help they need at a price they can afford - so here are some packages.

Idea Validation - so you've got an idea and you don't know how to validate it?

We understand how that feels, do I, don't I? Well you can relax because we know how to validate your idea. We'll do the primary research to see what other business are out there like yours, a focus group to understand the 'why' of your product and produce a clear positioning and test the potential uptake of your product by talking with 100 people.

The result will give you clear confidence for a go, no-go.

The cost of this will be 1,800 GBP + VAT

Brand development - so you're clear on your product but you don't know how to present it to optimise it 

Our package here produces a brand template,a purpose for your organisation and a design brief. We support you in finding the best designer to produce your logo or start-up digital and real world collateral. We run a focus group using our special process for brand development, produce some brand directions and validate which one is best for you by talking to 100 people in your market.

The result is you'll have optimised the brand for your market.

The cost of this will be 2,500 GBP + VAT