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Word Of Mouth Works. Really!

Who do you trust more?  Your best friend?  Or an advert?

Of course, it’s a friend.

But did you know that 92% of people trust a word of mouth referral more than any other form of marketing?

So we’re in the process of creating the first online WoM program that will enable you to embed WoM as business as usual in your organization.

This is not an online course: it's your new marketing strategy

We won't just give you the knowledge about Word of Mouth: we’ll guide you, step by step, through the process of creating complete, ready to execute WoM campaigns.

More than that, we’ll also offer you with virtual WoM Marketing Assistant that will provide the support you need to develop and manage your WoM campaigns by:

  • Identifying and managing your business’ advocates
  • Improving how your advocates experience your products or services
  • Helping your advocates to give stronger referrals on your behalf
  • Getting your advocates more connected to your business
  • Motivating your advocates to generate ongoing referrals

Word of Mouth is THE most effective method of generating demand for your products and services.

Word of Mouth That Works will launch in Q4 of 2017

We're accepting a limited number of pre-release registrations for the program.

By registering NOW, you will receive:

  • Participation in beta-testing of WoMTWo - and access to our WoM launch
  • Membership of the WoMTWo VIP club - exclusive levels of WoM support
  • Membership pricing for the WoMTWo program
  • Membership pricing for the WoMTWo Virtual Marketing Assistant

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When you understand how to drive Word of Mouth referrals, you will build a tribe that talks about your business: You create a virtual sales force.

A sales force who are trusted by their best friends.


Jake Pearce has run his Word of Mouth course around the world to acclaim.

But don't believe us.  Believe these people.

Ian Turley
COO & Marketing Director
Les Mills & Holmes Place

General Manager
NZ Partnerships

Graham Wilson
Business owner, director and coach